Thursday, November 26, 2009

Advantages of Motion Lighting over Continuous Lighting

It is a well known fact that burglars hate lights and loud noise, but which lighting source should you use to protect your property? The answer to this question depends on the application. It is commonly thought by many that continuous lighting around the home is the most viable means of deterring would be criminals, but the saying that less is more truly applies in this case. Most residential break-ins occur during the daytime making continuous lighting a poor choice for burglary deterrence.

When a continuous lighting source is used it creates the exact opposite effect on burglars making it easier to gain access, because they realize that neighbors will most likely shield windows with heavier drapes and window treatments to block the glare of the intrusive lights. Another disadvantage is the fact that continuous lighting raises electric consumption. In a time when people are looking to go green as well as save energy to reduce expenditures and save money motion detection lighting is a better option and is a greater deterrence to burglars because of the element of surprise and the fact that it triggers a desired response from neighbors.
Motion detection lights come in several forms including features with dawn to dusk settings that allow lights to deactivate at dawn and come on at dusk. The lights can be set to stay on for pre-set time limits, and the sensitivity level of the motion lens can be set to bypass small animals so as not to disturb neighbors. When the light is triggered neighbors will be stirred to look out the window and take note of what is happening. This happens because they have not been conditioned to ignore a harsh continuous light source. They will most likely be awakened because they are not conditioned to having a light shine in their window and will look outside to see what triggered it. There are motion lights that are solar powered that can be installed where there is no light fixture. This type of lighting also reduces the costly electrical expense of running wire and installing a hard-wired light. There are also no electricity costs for operating the lights because they are powered by sunlight during daylight hours. Continuous lighting does have its place in providing measures of safety and criminal activity deterrence.

Continuous lighting on street poles to illuminate the street is an effective use of this sort of lighting. This allows drivers to see the road more clearly and be alerted to any nocturnal animals that may scurry in front of their vehicle. When it comes to criminal deterrence continuous lighting on the street allows neighbors to get a clear visual of someone that may be attempting to break into a car parked on the street. Continuous lighting on the street level also works well to illuminate potential hiding spots that a mugger or robber might use against someone on an early morning walk or run. When looking to illuminate areas around the home another viable solution would be to place lights on a timer. These lights can be set to come on at a pre-set time before you come home and then be set to turn off at a pre-set time as well. This type of lighting can also be scheduled through certain alarm systems that use X-10 lamp modules. The lights can be programmed through the panel or instantly activated by pressing a button on a keychain remote.

Anytime a continuous light source is used around the home it is best to use a soft or lower watt bulb because extremely harsh lights create deeper shadows in adjacent areas creating opportunities for criminals to hide or gain unlawful access. One of the best things a person can do to truly alert neighbors of an actual emergency, using an identifiable light source, is to integrate a strobe light to their security system. If a criminal breaches an area of the home that is protected with a security device the audible alarm and the strobe light will be triggered. The monitoring facility will be alerted and the police dispatched. The strobe light will allow neighbors and responding law enforcement to quickly identify which house is in need of assistance. This is especially important when house numbers are often obscured. For a free quote on setting up a security system such as this call 919-949-9690 or go to

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