Friday, November 27, 2009

Green Energy Solar Surveillance Security Camera

Yes it is possible to have video security surveillance that is green energy compliant. GE has created a wireless solar security camera that is powered from solar energy cells. The cameras are color with built-in motion detection capability. This 2.4 GHZ camera system is water and weather proof with 150’ range from the receiving unit. The system has the ability to be viewed on any television that has A/V connections. The camera can record both video and sound. Another important advantage to these cameras is the fact that the receiving unit is capable of supporting up to 4 cameras. The receiving unit can be interfaced with a DVR to record camera activity. The system is not IP addressable but does have considerable advantages including an affordable price of under $350 per camera unit.

Green Energy cameras such as this allow cameras to be placed in areas where it might be impossible to run cable. These cameras will save on energy consumption costs, and if used around a home or small retail establishment and prevents a single theft or deters a single robbery the system will more than pay for itself. For additional product information and installation costs of this product call 919-949-9690.

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