Sunday, November 29, 2009

Protecting Your Credit Card during the Holiday Shopping Season

Thieves are patrolling shopping malls like big cats in search of prey. One of the biggest crimes committed during the holiday season is identity theft and credit fraud. Here are a few noteworthy tips that will keep your cards safe.
• Always keep your credit or gift card close, do not let it out of your sight.
• Never write your pin number on the back of your card.
• Shield your card from roving eyes that may attempt to capture your card number by using a camera phone or by memorization.
• Only carry cards that you need.
• If you are shopping online make sure that the site is a secure site. Look for the gold lock at the bottom of your web browser to make certain that the site has a Secure Socket Layer.
• If you are uncertain about the security of the site, call the vendor and give the card number over the phone.
• Never send your credit card number by email.
• Keep good records.
• Do not purchase gift cards from online auction sites. These sites are known for fraud.
• Only buy gift cards from the store issuing the card or from a secure retailer’s site.
• Always examine your gift card. If you see a Pin number on the back ask for another card, because someone may have copied the number and pin and used the card.
• Always keep your receipts.
• Register your gift card on the store’s website.
• Never give your Social Security Number or birth date when purchasing a gift card.

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