Thursday, December 3, 2009

Amazing Story -Thief Sends Money and Apology

I just came across a story that shows that good can come out of a bad situation. a convenience store owner in Shirley, NY received a note and $50 from that man that robbed him. The store owner, Mohammad Sohail was robbed by a tearful individual that stated that he needed the money for food for his family. Sohail showed compassion and gave the man $40 and a loaf of bread and made him promise not to rob anyone again. When Sohail went to get milk, the robber fled. In the unsigned note the robber thanked him and stated that he was now employed, had a new child and was staying out of trouble.

It just goes to show that doing what is right even when you may suffer the wrong can make a difference. Not every situation works out like this one, but it goes to show that what the bible says about a man stealing to feed himself is true. Although the bible says that the individual should pay more, there is no evidence that the robber knew about this biblical passage when he made retribution for his wrong. Let us all strive to make ammends for our wrongs and make the world a better place.

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