Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Holiday Safety Tips for Retailers

These are some valuable tips distributed by the Chapel Hill, NC police department. Follow these tips and you will have a much safer holiday season.

Ø Greet all customers as they enter your location. Good customer service goes a long way in robbery prevention. Make eye contact and make transactions personal.

Ø Always know who is in your store or business at all times.

Ø Keep your business clean and uncluttered. Interior and exterior should be well lit. And remember not to block the view throughout the store with displays, do not place posters on your windows etc,

Ø Enforce store policy at all times. Clearly post rules to eliminate any confusion.

Ø Increase visibility. Lighting and Trim landscaping.

Ø Vary times and routs of travel when doing bank deposits.

Ø Don’t use marked money bags when doing your deposit.

Ø Keep money in a safe at all times and not laying around unattended.

Ø Learn the names of the officers who work your area of town.

Ø Remember if an employee steals from your business, it’s a felony.

Ø If something does not seem right, call 911. If you know what’s wrong please give the 911 operator as much detail as possible. Get a good description, color of clothing, hair, shoes, pants, accents and tattoos if possible.

Ø If you are robbed. Do what you are told. Don’t make sudden unexpected moves. You may be hurt. Make eye contact and remember to get a good description of the suspects and direction of travel. If they ask for money, give it to them. Money can be replaced your life cannot.

Ø After a robbery. Lock your door and call 911. Make sure everyone is safe and not injured. Separate employees from each other and have them write in their own words what happened during the event. Stay on the phone with 911 until the police arrive and the scene is secure. Don’t touch anything.

Ø Customers may try to pass counterfeit money during your busy time. Just be aware of this activity. You may see hundreds, fifties and twenties.

Ø Have a safe and fun filled holiday season!

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