Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Security Proverb Poem

I often think about about security in terms of the criminal and victim relationship. It is ironic that in a civilized society that the laws of nature and the wild seem to come into play. I was recently reading an African proverb that inspired this poem.

Perhaps you may find it hard to understand.
That it is the silent and calm water that drowns a man.

What seems familiar you do not fear,
Allowing the burglar to draw ever so near.

Like a magician your stuff disappears
making the need for security ever so clear.

(C) All rights reserved

All to often people don't realize that the individuals that will break into their homes look like they belong. They blend into their surroundings and don't draw suspicion to themselves. They may use the guise of a jogger, contractor, landscaper or meter reader. They may wave to you as you leave. You may even have a conversation with them, and never suspect them. This is why it is so important to have a security consciousness and install a security system. Another important thing to realize, burglars don't wear all black and a stocking cap.

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