Monday, March 8, 2010

Overlooked aspects of Home Security Systems

You may only think about your security system when you turn it on or off, but if your system is over three years old or you just purchased a home with an existing system there are some important factors you should consider that may make your system inadequate or vulnerable.
Many security systems are basic alarms that consist of two or three door sensors and a motion sensor placed in the main area of the home. Burglars want to access the master bedroom to get guns, money and jewelry. If the burglar can get to this room without tripping a door sensor or motion; they can get around your alarm. It is wise to consider adding a motion detector, window sensors or glass break detection device to that area. A combination of these items may also be a better fit depending on the layout of the home.
Tomorrow we will discuss vulnerabilities in the security system communication devices.
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Yes this is correct, however please keep in mind coming from a Phoenix
Home Security

president, this will cost you extra money but is well worth it. Sure it is true to say that if a burglar enters your property they will more than likely be running through your home, but to detect them faster you must increase the amount of equipment that is in your home. Most security companies will work with you on prices as your volume of equipment needed increases. Good Luck and be safe. remember to be neighborly and look out for one another as this is another way to keep our neighborhoods safe.