Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Vulnerabilities of Security System Communication

Many security systems rely on a single means of communication – the telephone; making the system vulnerable to being compromised. There are several problems that arise from the telephone line. The first is that there are more than one type of phone lines, the conventional Bell South or Verizon line and the Voip (Voice over Internet Provider). Both types of phone lines can be compromised.
The conventional phone line can be cut or disconnected from outside the house and this is also true with Time Warner Voip phone lines. This makes the security system unable to communicate with the central station to alert them of an intrusion, fire or medical emergency. Another weakness in Voip phone lines is when the power is interrupted the modem that creates the dial tone becomes nonoperational and the security system is only able to sound a local alarm. Three simple solutions are to fortify the phone line, add a backup battery for the modem and the most effective is to install a cell backup unit to the alarm system. For more information on home security systems go to http://whensafetymatters.com

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