Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Are motion detectors something you’ll regret if you have pets?

Having a security system is equally as important for your pets as it is for the humans that dwell within the four walls that make your house a home. A proper home security system design will take the presence of pets into account and may or may not use motion detectors. Improper use of motion detectors can cause false alarms and agitation of pets due to the noise emitted from the high piercing audible siren. So it is important to make sure that motion detectors are the best method of providing the adequate protection when pets are present. Having the sensors installed according to the manufacturer and industry standards is imperative.
Although some motion detectors are equipped with a pet immunity lens that will allow them to bypass small animals under a certain mass, there are exceptions to how this feature works. People with multiple pets, either dogs or cats, which run in tandem, will trip the motion sensor. Also a single cat that has the ability to jump and climb can easily trip a motion sensor with a pet immunity lens. The best security design will use either glass break detectors or window contacts in order to accommodate pets and prevent false alarms. Although contacts and glass breaks will cost more upfront than a single motion detector the long-term rewards will far outweigh the initial investment.

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