Friday, May 21, 2010

Citizen's Alert-Your Crawlspace Could be Calling Crooks

Whoa Nelly, Crawlspaces and Crooks; "What You Talking About Willis?" Certain areas of the home that are out of sight are often out of mind: like the crawl space of your home. The crawlspace is the area underneath a home that is most often accessed from a small to medium sized door located on the outside of the house. Crawlspaces often contain the cold air return and air handler of a heat pump and the hot water heater. Criminals don't want you to know this information because what you don't know can be most damaging to you. So since criminals suck, I will tell you the top secrets to crawlspace security. The top reasons a crawl space is attractive to criminals: are ease of entry so they can access the home: they can study the occupants activities by listening from below: they can steal copper pipes and they can get into the house from below easily by removing the cold air return and coming in through ventilation system. I first elaborate on the reasons then I will provide several tips to securing this often vulnerable and overlooked area of the home.
Crawlspaces are easily entered because they are often unlocked or only secured with a flimsy padlock that can be opened through Brut force from a blunt object like a hammer or mallet or cut with bolt cutters. The design of crawlspace doors also makes them vulnerable. Crawlspace design often has the door hinges facing outward where the screws can be recessed and removed, allowing entry from the hinged side. Another reason criminals target crawlspaces is to obtain valuable metals like copper.
Valuable copper piping is found running underneath many older homes and crooks want to sell the copper for cash. Drug addicts find copper theft appealing because it can be done quickly and easily. Once the crook has shut the water off from the street, they go under the home and take hacksaw and cut the pipe. By posing as a contractor these criminals can take you for thousands from beneath the home. Just imagine coming home and turning on the water and nothing comes out of the spigot. You hear water running if the crook turned it back on, but it is all running underneath the house in the crawlspace. Also if a criminal wanted to scout a family’s routine they could do it from below.
From underneath the home the home a large portion of what you say and do can be heard. The criminal can be listening and you are completely unaware that they are there. A savvy crook could even install a small pinhole camera from below and point it at your security keypad to learn the code. Once they had the code they could bump the lock, enter the home and do anything they wanted. This should creep you out just thinking about it. The final thing they can do is to come in through the cold air return.
A small individual can easily fit through many cold air returns, remove the screen and kick out the cover. Once they are inside they could rob you blind. Many of the cold air return vents are in areas where there are no security devices, especially if the person only had a basic system with three door sensors and a motion sensor that was places in a family room or kitchen.

Most crawlspace doors are not locked so it is vital to install a good quality lock such as a (U) style lock. This lock is similar in style to a bike lock. It is difficult to break and can not be cut with bolt cutters like a traditional pad lock.
The second security weakness of crawlspace doors are the hinge system of these doors. Most often the hinges are on the outside, where a criminal can take out the screws and gain entry from the back side. To prevent this problem remove the existing screws and replace them with star bolt screws. It is unlikely that criminals will have the necessary tool to remove them.
The final component to protecting a crawlspace is to install a security door contact to the crawlspace door that is set for instant alert when the security system is activated. If the system is monitored it will dispatch the police and notify you that someone has attempted to gain entry to that zone of your home.

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