Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Linking home inspections and home security

Although it may seem like an uncommon union to link a home inspection with home security, after close examination the two fit like a hand in a glove. The home inspector and the security professional identify and propose solutions to household hazards. Several common safety threats often cited by home inspectors are improper or undersized wiring, old inefficient heating systems, and plumbing problems. Modern life safety systems formerly referred to as security systems can assist with the detection of the aforementioned threats.
• Improper or undersized wiring can easily cause a house fire. A good home inspector can locate these wiring problems. Some 20 percent of all problems identified by home inspectors are due to improper wiring. Insufficient grounding of electrical wires, overload problems, aluminum wiring and amateur wiring problems are most often found by home inspectors. These issues can cause a catastrophic house fire that could cause loss of personal possessions, displacement from the home for six or more months but most importantly loss of life. A quality home security system will combine the elements of photo-electric smoke sensors that can detect the presence of cold smoke as well as a dramatic rise in heat temperature. The quicker a fire threat is identified the quicker the home owner can be alerted and emergency officials notified to eliminate the threat. With most homes only having the minimum state mandated fire detectors called ionization detectors, that only detect fires that dramatically increase the room temperature, home owners are still susceptible to the risks of smoldering fires that emit toxic fumes that can cause death.
• Old and Inefficient heating systems can have problems that pose serious safety risks such as poor ventilation and clogged chimneys, flues and gas leaks. A quality home inspector through a complete home inspection will uncover these problems so they can be fixed by a licensed contractor. Adding your life safety system to assist with identifying these threats will include adding a carbon monoxide detector.
• Plumbing problems can also lead to numerous safety problems as well. Water and electricity don’t mix and when the two are combined the results can be deadly. Often a leak can make its way to a light fixture or some other electrical apparatus causing an electrical fire. A water heater located in the crawl space that develops a leak can cause mold as well as an increased water bill. A quality home inspection can detect these problems. Adding a wireless water detection device to your home security system is also advised because it can detect these threats between your annual home physicals.


Personal Security Plan said...

I can't believe no one has thought to connect the two services before! Well done Jim.

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Lucas Gregson

Home Security Gold Coast said...

Home inspection should be done frequently as it not only saves the pain of spending those extra bucks on maintainence it can also save you the hazard of any weak link in your home.

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Adam Scott said...
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Home Security said...

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Neil P. said...

Great ideas! A water sensor came with our home alarm system and we love it! We feel much more secure going away on vacation now.

Justin Chan said...

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nice to read it.
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