Friday, June 24, 2011

Highway Shootings Raleigh, Durham-Tips to Stay Safe

With three shootings on Triangle area highways since June 18, 2011, there is cause for everyone to be concerned. According to media reports the three shootings have left on fatality, Michael Hunter who was shot and killed on I-147 on Saturday night of June 18, 2011. There was a second shooting on Monday the 20th and another on Wednesday the 22nd. There were only minor injuries in the most recent shootings. According to witnesses the community should be on the lookout for a 2000 model silver Acura and a Dodge Charger. In addition to looking for the suspect vehicle here are 10 tips to stay safe on the roads.

1. Beware of your surroundings and driving habits of those around you.

2. Drive with the traffic and try not to be isolated, there is safety in numbers.

3. If at all possible avoid major highways- the shooter or shooters will have a more difficult time escaping to a major arterial road if you take secondary roads.

4. If possible avoid driving late at night and early morning before sunrise- especially highways.

5. Avoid being distracted by your cell phone, load music, or eating in your vehicle.

6. Drive in the far right hand lane on the highway, so you can minimize your risk of being boxed in and you can observe someone passing you that may roll down their passenger window.

7. If someone pulls behind you flashing their lights get over and take the first exit and get to a well populated, well lit area. Report any aggressive drivers.
8. Never respond to others poor driving habits by flipping them the bird, cursing at them or exhibiting other road age actions.

9. Never let your poor driving habits cause others to become irate with you. Don’t cut people off, signal when you change lanes and don’t drive slowly in the passing lane.

10. Until the suspects are caught only take necessary trips.

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