Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Home Inventory Plan – A Cornerstone to Home Security

Home Inventory Plans are often treated like Fire Escape Plans they are topics that people have a vague idea of their relevance but fail to prioritize them and put them in place. For most people the home inventory plan need becomes apparent when they face a burglary or fire and must file a claim against their insurance. The lack of planning and proper implementation during a time of disaster heightens stress levels and delay or minimize the settlement a person might have received from the insurance company. This article will detail several quick and easy ways to put a home inventory plan in place.

The first method utilizes the common cell phone that almost all people own. If you have a video phone or even just a camera phone along with internet accessibility you can perform your inventory room during a commercial break.

Video the items in the room and give a description of the item including make and model. Save the video and then email it to yourself. In the event that something should occur like a burglary or fire you will be prepared.

Another more detailed way of performing a home inventory can be found at www.knowyourstuff.org . This amazing free site will walk you through a simple process that allows you to inventory items room by room, manage and update as necessary and create reports that can be printed in a excel format or accessed remotely over the internet.

As you inventory your home you will often discover that over the years you have acquired many more items than you originally had when you first took out your homeowners or renters policy. I cannot stress the importance of having an insurance review to make sure that you have adequate coverage. Your insurance agent may also discover ways to increase your coverage and lower your premium at the same time. This was the case for me. A sometimes overlooked discount is the monitored fire and security system discount that a person can qualify for if they have a monitored fire and security system installed in their home. These discounts can be as much as 20%.

For additional information on this topic or other security related issues contact Jim McNeely at (919) 949-9690 or jimmcneely@whensafetymatters.com.

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QuadW International Inc. said...

Thanks for the great post. When I was reading it I really understood the meaning which I often overlook because I do not have a home inventory plan. I especially like the part "Another more detailed way of performing a home inventory can be found at www.knowyourstuff.org" I found some great information at the site. The security I use is provided by activclient which has worked great too. Do you use any other tools for your home security??