Saturday, June 18, 2011

Top ways to protect an unoccupied home on the market from thieves

1. Secure the crawlspace door by removing the Phillips or flat head screws in the hinges and replace them with star bolts. Also add a U style lock to secure. This will keep thieves from stealing the air handler underneath the home.
2. If the power is left on and there is a garage door opener, remove the red hanging tag to prevent a thief from breaking out the glass or drilling a hole and pulling it to gain access.
3. Hide deer style hidden cameras that can be hidden in the landscaping to see any unwanted activity. They are relatively inexpensive and can be moved from property to property.
4. Keep the security system active and make sure that it has cell monitoring.
5. The listing agent should become involved the neighborhood watch, by doing so they can get more exposure for themselves and protect the property.
6. The listing agent can also build good will and gain exposure by meeting with police in that district and circulating a picture of that listing and asking them to patrol the area. By getting increased patrols in the area is a strong selling point. The realtor can also get referral business from the police department.
7. Realtors can also work with a veteran security specialist to have them perform a security audit of the home that can be provided to prospective buyers, which will highlight the safety features of the home and suggest upgrades to further strengthen the safety of the property.

To learn more about any of the above listed items contact Jim McNeely (Certified Life Safety Specialist and Security Expert with Advantage Security at or (919)949-9690)

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