Thursday, November 8, 2012

Don't Be the Sucker with the Lick it Stick it Alarm

The ironic thing about being bamboozled or suckered is the that you often don't find out until it's entirely too late.  There is a growing trend in the home security industry where consumers are being increasingly targeted through slick online marketing campaigns.  The consumers go to the internet because it is quick, easy and accessible.  The alarm or security system companies that target these consumers are looking to hook these consumers by selling wireless combo systems that are high on illusion and low on security.  By selling the client the sizzle and using paid for endorsements they dupe the consumer into purchasing their service which places them into a situation where they have perceived security only.

This claim may seem harsh but it is fact and here are the reasons why:

The security systems these companies sell are wireless alarm panels where the keypad, siren, and motion detector are one unit:  If a burglar kicks in a door that has a delay and snatches the panel from the wall and drops it in the tiolet, fries the compenents and all this was done in the delay time; who did the system call?  No one. 

The only solution is to have the panel tampered with a hard-wired contact on the back of the alarm panel-assuming that it is actually secured to the wall.

Many of these systems just sit on the counter and are plugged into the wall:  They are sold promoting features like talking keypads two-way voice ( a feature that allows the alarm company to hear what is happening in real time during an alarm event), home automation, a message center and no home phone line needed if they have a cellular unit added to it.  These features are great but what good do they do you if they system is pre-programmed with a dialer delay.  The dialer delay is a feature that alarm companies say they use to prevent false alarms.  The way it works is when the door with the delay to give you time to go to the keypad to de-activate the alarm is triggered because it was not turned off in the alloted time- the alarm company has another 30-90 seconds where the alrm does not call out. 

Do you think that even the most novice burglar could easily hear your alarm when they kick in the door that you use to gain entry-go to the panel and disable it?  The answer should be yes. 

Are you asking about a dialer delay?  The answer is probably No! 

The system comes pre-programed and you install it.  You use double sided tape to put up the  door contacts and motion detectors and you plug it in.  In what dellusinal fantasy does this sound like a good idea?  Reputable alarm companies don't have you self-install.  Reputable alarm companies aren't using sticky tape to install a system in 15 minutes.  Reputable alarm companies have to be licensed with a low -voltage license and their consultants registered with back ground checks from the alarm board.  By self installing, the alarm companies have a clause in their contract which absolves them from liabilty should there be system failure and the alarm signal does not reach them.  Why would someone sign such an agreement, because they don't take the time to read it.

Don't be a sucker by purchasing an  alarm system like you shop for a car.  Security systems are life safety devices, not a commodity.  What is the value of your life?  Use a reputable company with reputable consultants that have references and are reliable.  Don't be a sucker by taking short cuts when it comes to the safety and security of your family. a qualty security consultation will show you full value of how your familiy can be protected. 

Knowledge is power and applied knowledge leads to empowerment.  Use this information wisely- your safety depends on it.

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