Monday, November 12, 2012

Top 5 Reasons Not To Use a Do It Yourself Alarm

So you're a pretty smart guy or gal and you've experienced a rise in crime in your neighborhood or worse yet you've been the victim of a home break-in and now security has risen to higher level than in the past.  You've gone to the local big box hardware store or gone to some sites online and and have seen some items that are classified as security systems which you think may fit the bill.  You think that you can do it yourself and bypass professional assessments, installation and monitoring fees- but at what cost?  Here are the top 5 reasons to not use a do it yourself alarm.

5)  You are not a trained professional.  You wouldn't attempt to perform surgery on yourself so what makes you think that you will correctly identify all the requirements to assure that the solution meets all the requirements that a professionally trained life safety specialist would make to assure that your home and family have full security and not a false sense of security?  Industry professionals must be trained and state licensed for a reason.  You can not purchase a low voltage electrical license you must qualify and pass stringent tests of competence to assure that you will not harm the public or yourself.  Plus there are numerous hours of manufacturer and company training to assure that equipment placement and security design are in accordance with manufacturer and industry standards.

4) The products installed are most likely lick it Stick it Wireless Combo Alarms which are easy to put up and easy to defeat.  Whenever the alarm panel has the siren, keypad and mastercontrol unit all combined in one and all that you have to do is plug it into the wall oulet, plug in the phone cord to the wall jack, pull the tape double sided tape off the contacts and stick them up and you have an alarm-you are in big trouble.  If you can install it in 20 minutes-you'd best believe that any fool attempting to be a do it yourself burglar could kick in the delay door grab the system drop it in the toilet and rob you blind in under 15 seconds. 

3)  You Get What You Pay For:  You think that you are saving a few dollars by using a quick fix solution but in reality it could cost you significantly down the line because most do it yourself solutions that are just placed on the counter plugged into the phone line jack do not have phone line seizure- which gives the alarm system priority to seize the line during an alarm emergency even if the phone line is being used.  When the system is placed on the counter there is no tamper switch to prevent the panel from being being snatched up smashed or shorted out in the sink or tiolet.  Even if you secure it to the wall, there will most likely be no hard-wired tamper solution.  Also by self-installing you assume all responsibility if the system fails to communicate with the monitoring facility during an alarm event i.e phone line seizure and the fine print of the contract that absolves the monitoring facility from being held liable if such an event occurs.  Think about it, this is a great deal for the alarm companies that sell monitoring.  They will never have any claims against their general liability insurance policy but if  something happens it goes against you and not them. 

Also if there are false alarms due to equipment problems or improper installation you'll be the one to pay.

2)  You may not be able to receive your homeowners insurance discount:  Most insurance companies require a certificate of installation from a licensed alarm company in order to receive your discount.

1) You are saying that your family isn't worth the invest of  the price of a cup of coffe a day to keep them safe.  Don't nickel and dime your family.  Give them the best because they deserve the best.  Select a reputable alarm company that is reliable and has references. 

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Dorthy Packer said...

Thank you for posting this information on why one shouldn't use a do it yourself security system. It is definitely worth the money to just buy one. I'd rather spend the money and have a alarm system that actually works, than making my own and have it not work. Do you know where in tucson I can find security systems? Thank you for your help!