Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Could your Postman be the Reason You Were Burglarized?

You ordered some really cool stuff from, Ebay or Adam and Eve and you've eagerly awaited its arrival.  You got an email confirmation that it was going to be there on a certain day but when you arrived home there was no package waiting.  Is the Postman, UPS or FedEx guy the reason?  Is it possible that they said they delivered it but didn't or did they deliver it and it was a sitting and open target for an opportunistic crook?  The later is the most likely case?  Criminals will take the path of least resistance and if they can get some good stuff without having to break into a home they most certainly will.

The postman, UPS or FedEx guy isn't to blame- you are!  It is not the job of the delivery guy to provide security services.  There job is to deliver.  Now I realize that you have to work and you can't be home to receive packages.  So you may ask what could be done to assure that you won't fall victim to having your nest package scarfed? 

You can get a post office box or one at a UPS store that has a physical address and will be received by an individual and protected by their security.  This will cost you less than $18 a month.

The next option for people that can't afford or are too cheap to invest in a box at the Post Office or UPS Store, is to get a reliable neighbor that stays at home and have your packages delivered there.  Now this may be risky if you are having items delivered from Adam and Eve.  Imagine that getting out over the neighborhood list serve, but you get what you pay for.

The final solution is to get a security camera that is net-workable so it can be viewed from a remote location from a tablet, computer, I-phone or smart phone.  If a criminal knows that they are being recorded they are far less likely to act.  A camera will put you in control by alerting you anytime someone comes to the door by sending you an email or text message.  It may also provide you with the side benefit of alerting you to the fact that your teenage daughter is her boyfriend in the house while you and mama are away.  That alone makes it worth the investment.  So if you are looking for a cool Christmas gift that pays dividends, a remote IP camera is a great option.  Call 919-228-8361 for more details.

Chose either of the three options and assure that your packages will be there when you arrive, but don't blame the Postman, UPS or FedEx guy.  

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