Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Tighter Security and Security Systems May prevent the Next Newtown Tragedy

The Newtown tragedy is one of the most heinous and egreous acts of violence I have personally ever witnessed in my lifetime.  Since last Friday I, like many, have wrestled with intense feelings of sadness and anger over this sensless and barbaric act.  The politicians and reporters have been quick to offer and adovacate for tighter gun restrictions as the answer to a problem with far deeper and complex origins.  Tighter gun restrictions, in my opinion, won't keep guns out of the hands of criminals, all it will do is keep certain types of guns of out the hands of some criminals.  Tighter gun restriction will not prevent the next mass shooting spree like the ones we are so frequently witnessing.  A major part of the solution lies in having tighter manned security, security sytems and access control devices.

Proposing that tighter gun restrictions won't keep guns out of the hands of criminals bears an explaination.  Break-ins occur every 15.4 seconds in the United States and one of the top items stolen is firearms.  Only 13% of burglaries are solved  and only 14% of the population has a monitored security system. 

If criminals want guns, the best place to get them is from the honest, hard-working folks that could pass an psychriatic or background check and have obtained their firearms legally - but didn't have enough sense to protect the guns and the public by having a monitored security system and a gun safe (bolted to the wall) that would deter and prevent burglars from getting them.

Security Systems are truly a great deterent because homes with security systems are  3 times less likely to be burglarized.  Security systems are only part of the solution.  A quality gun safe that is heavy and can be bolted to the studs in the wall is the next line of defense.  By having both criminals , criminals are less likely to get the firearms that could be used in the commision of a crime.
In order to get gun owners to comply, legislation could be passed that requires gun owners to have a monitored security system and a gun safe prior to obtaining a firearm.  Auto insurance is required before driving so why not having to put safety first befor aquiring a gun of any sort?

The Newtown tragedy occured in a school, so one would ask how could manned security, security systems and access control devices could play a role in preventing the next gun shooting tradegy?  Having magnetic locks on the doors that lead into the building would require anyone looking to access the building to be buzzed in or have the access code to the door.  Also, if a metal dectector was placed outside the building, manned by an armed security officer, like at the courthouse it is far less likey that a crazed individual could gain unauthorized access to the building.

Security Systems, Access Control Locks, and Security Guards are only a small part of solving the problem we collectively face.  The fact is there are many disturbed and deranged individuals in our society; getting to the root of their deep seated issues, along with being more security conscious and taking responsibility for our collective safety, is the only way we can quell the tide of the spree shooting madness we are forced to endure.

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